The Work with Marnie

Welcome to The Work of Byron Katie.

The Work is a specific method of inquiry, also known as contemplative mediation. Many people do The Work as an alternative to traditional therapy, counseling or life coaching.  Some practice it as a way of life.  It is a process of identifying and questioning stressful thoughts.  The method is both incredibly simple and completely radical.  The Work can be done alone, though it's often helpful to have a facilitator guide you through the four questions and turnarounds.  I'd love to introduce you to the work and serve as a facilitator for you!  Are you ready to experience The Work?

Upcoming Retreat 2018:
April 7-9: 3-Day Non-Residential Retreat
@ The Bamboo Buddha in Holgate, NSW (Central Coast)
"Open Your Mind to Life, Love and Money"
(co-presented with Karen Cherrett)

*accommodation option available on request

~For more information about The Work, I recommend visiting the official website.~